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Music and Auto-tune free essay sample

It has become a fundamental instrument In the creation procedure. Eradicating botches and including impacts that would be unbelievable in music before the 21st century, except for Cheers 1998 Believe, which established the framework to the pattern In the teases place[2]. To this end, the essential point of the analysts is to substance out the impacts that Auto-Tune has had on the business for instance of how program influences music, and specifically, the specialists who make the music.To completely acknowledge the significance of this investigation, one must recognize the way that music has had an extensive and mulattos history for whatever length of time that recorded music has existed. The Innovations and methods presented by new instruments and gear implied that whole periods came and gone conveying these Innovations until new ones rose. Presently, to cite [1], The most significant bit of melodic gear of the most recent 10 years isn't an instrument or a physical article. We will compose a custom paper test on Music and Auto-tune or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page It is whats known as a module. Particular bit of programming made to be embedded into other, greater bits of sound programming. Auto-Tune twists off-key notes Into pitch flawlessness. Auto-Tune got things started by presenting another type of development not at all like the physical media that has changed music previously. The significance along these lines lies In what this new type of Innovation infers despite how music has generally existed up to this point, on the grounds that a deferent type of advancement will achieve an alternate type of progress. For this paper, the specialists will investigate chosen subtleties encompassing Auto-rune.These subtleties incorporate the accompanying: the system that permits Auto-Tune the capacity to tots the suggestion the expansion of one of a kind impacts to music has on how the craftsmen who effectively utilize it are seen. Accentuation will be set on the specialists, as at last, the paper will lead the peruser from the nuts and bolts of Auto-Tune to the conversation of the accompanying: Auto-Tune brings down the estimation of melodic craftsmen, as the inventive melodic worldview is moved from ones ability to innovation. II. Body Auto-Tunes most unmistakable quality lies in its capacity to address botches in tunes during production.It achieves this through the meeting up of the standards of autocorrelation and pitch shifting[3]. At the outset, autocorrelation was utilized or looking over the earth for seismic exploration and discovering oil. It utilizes sound waves from source whereupon the impressions of the waves are recorded on a saxophone. It was then discovered that the looking over model was equipped for recognizing oil, yet additionally the pitch of sound[2]. In the interim, the technique for changing pitch is the detachment of the sign of the voice into infinitesimal parts, also called grains. Each grain has a time of the signal.Afterwards, the grains are discharged in a way coordinating the ideal pitch. From that point, autocorrelation and the strategy for pitch erection met up to make what is presently known as Auto-Tune. The pitch adjustment innovation of Auto-Tune gives specialists the capacity to address any slip-up in a melody whether it be practically unimportant or when it totally misses the planned pitch[4]. Let us return to the expression Music Demands Perfection tune in to radio broadcast these days and the audience will be unable to discover even Just coincidental key second among the tunes that get customary airtime.It is this straightforward capacity that has caused a ripple effect in the whole music industry, and it remains fervently subsided among craftsmen and makers the same on whether it should keep on being utilized in the business [5]. Figure 1 . Number of Respondents Who Listen to Mainstream Music [pick] Figure 2. Familiarity with Respondents on the Existence of Pitch Correction Technology n Music [pick] Figure 1 shows what number of the 30 respondents tuned in to standard music. Figure 2 shows the consciousness of the respondents on the nearness of contribute remedy innovation mus ic. This fugue includes to the consequence of Figure 1 by demonstrating the respondents attention to the music business various perspectives. Besides, a greater number of examples addressed Yes to #2 than , demonstrating that even respondents who dont consistently tune in to standard music know about programming like Auto-Tune being utilized in music, featuring its pervasiveness in the business. Live exhibitions are not absolved from the remedial idea of Auto-Tune[6]. Indeed, even on X-Factor, an American Idol-issue serious singing show, competitors indecencies are gone through the case, as makers put it[5].This put the shows intentions n question, particularly given the serious arrangement; if vocalists are permitted to run their voices through the case, where is the opposition? More than this however, it puts a specialists own capacity into question. It is reasonable that an entertainer would Ant to the convey the best execution they can toward their crowd. Be that as it may, applying more exertion and just convey ideal exhibitions in order gratitude to the software[7]. Regardless, its advantages don't end there.Production costs are brought by previous the need down to over and over record tunes. Since missteps can be remedied utilizing Auto-Tune, the craftsmen don't need to re-try a specific tune a bigger number of times than is helpful for them. A craftsman can pick from a rundown of sakes previously recorded, and Just run the product on any slip-ups found in the picked piece[4]. This doesnt Just lower the fiscal expenses of creation, however it spares the time and vitality which would then be able to be reallocated to different melodies or work.This thus prompts a higher turnout of material from a craftsman, expanding the potential benefit the account organization means to drain from the person in question. Figure 3. Rank of the Factors Consisting the Benefits of Auto-Tune [pick] The information in Figure 3 positions the apparent advantages of Auto-Tune as indicated by the respondents sentiments. The most reliably most noteworthy positioned advantage was taking into account progressively innovative alternatives; pitch rectification and great live exhibitions got the least need, with creation proficiency trailing imaginative options.This information gives Insight on the favored sort of advantages the respondents need Auto-Tune to give the business. As can be seen from the outcome, Production Efficiency put high among the rundown of advantages Auto-Tune gives, further solidifying it as a characteristic in Auto-Tunes favor. Despite the fact that proficiency is a favored quality to have in various circumstances, it isn't without a negative side. This negative side is particularly clear in what was Just recently referenced: a security net is thrown for a craftsman to get remiss in their performance[7] .But now the center is that the gifts of the craftsmen are not place on need any longer and rather the business sticks to people they know are attractive and whom they realize they are agreeable To straightforwardly cite [5], Artists in the pre-Auto-Tune time HAD to be acceptable. There wasnt a record bargain in the event that you werent great. Ability is presently being underestimated in return for an industrialized way to deal with creating music[4]. Maybe the most inventive piece of Auto-Tune that has endlessly impacted present-day music is the way that the voice can be controlled past the scope of the artist[4].For case, the craftsman T-Pain utilizes Auto-Tune to add impacts to his voice in practically the entirety of his songs[7]. Impacts, for example, the gerbil sound or all the more prevalently known as the automated voice[2] are a portion of the more famous mutilation methods that Auto-Tune permits its clients. This quality gives Auto-Tune an interesting turn in the business other than being a duping gadget specialists use to discharge reliably consummate sounding melodies. Obviously, even this extraordinary contort won't influence its detractors[5]. Christina Agiler even wore a shirt bearing the words, Auto-Tune is for puppies.The insignificant actuality that there are individuals persuaded that odd contortions are apparently typical for the human voice says bounty regarding how individuals see the pictures of their preferred specialists these days. Figure 4. General Opinion on Which Attribute Does Auto-Tune Most Affect an Artists Image [pick] According to the respondents, the impression of a craftsmen ability is generally influenced via Auto-Tune. This shows what the respondents place significance on in the music they locales to, as the nature of the music being simply the aftereffect of a specialists endeavors is questioned.However, the opposite can likewise be valid, in which the respondents may see interesting impacts, for example, mechanical sounds as results of a craftsmen typical voice and gifts. End Auto-Tune has realized a mishmash of large changes in the music business. Using basic ideas, music creation and the imaginativeness of music have all taken an alternate significance. Though ability and exertion were esteemed in music previously, innovation has discovered another road with which to make things simpler and shockingly, freed it of its characterizing attributes. Melodic craftsman is not, at this point a title select to skilled people like it was previously; organizations can truly get an arbitrary individual off the road and give the individual a makeover to make that person attractive, and just run their voice through Auto-Tune to make them a craftsman. Constraints incorporate absence of the primary programming foundation of the program itself, as the source code itself is inaccessible because of copyright law. More restrictions of the examination incorporate the way that none of the respondents are experts in the USIA industry.Furthermore, as they are understudies from De La Sale University, none of them spend significant time in music schol astically, not at all like on the off chance that they were concentrating in College of Saint Bindle. This restricts the expert sentiment in the information. In any case, the reason for this decision was to quantify the attention to average citizens about Auto-Tune. Furthermore, a urgent point was ignored in the production of the review the surv

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Defining the Cloud Architecture and Reasons for Deploying It

Question: Characterizing The Cloud Explain Architecture And Reasons For Deploying It? Answer: Presentation Distributed computing is continuously turning into the need for each association because of its special highlights and security. It likewise offers assortments of alternative for each gathering of association with the goal that it can bolster well in the reason. Distributed computing likewise helps in understanding the market very well and can produce better choices (Rosado Bernardino, 2014). Distributed computing additionally points in giving productive work. The accompanying report examines about the diverse cloud models and the issues related on having half and half cloud engineering. Cloud Architecture that is valuable for SoftArc Engineering There are different kinds of cloud benefits that can be sent by SoftArc so as to meet the board technique. Some are as per the following: Excess Storage Architecture Versatile Disk Provisioning Architecture Administration Load Balancing Architecture Dynamic Scalability Architecture Asset Pooling Architecture Characterizing the Cloud Architecture and explanations behind sending it Asset Pooling Architecture: It a sort of design where all the indistinguishable IT asset pools are gathered and put away in a framework and later kept up by the framework which guarantees that the entirety of the assets remain synchronized with every other asset (Alamri et al., 2013). The primary explanation of sending it in light of the fact that with this, the organization can store every one of their assets inside a solitary framework and they can recover these assets from anyplace and the best piece of utilizing this engineering is that every one of them works all the while meaning this will make the procedure a lot quicker and furthermore makes it proficient (Almorsy, Grundy Mller, 2016). Dynamic Scalability Architecture: It is a kind of engineering model that is totally takes a shot at pre-characterized framework having scaling condition that helps in setting off the dynamic assignment of all IT assets from asset pools. It is firmly identified with Resource Pooling Architecture. The explanation for utilizing this design is that it helps in dispensing dynamic stockpiling that is those spaces can be changed later which is absurd in static stockpiling. Administration Load Balancing Architecture: It is a sort of cloud engineering that is explicitly intended to downsize the cloud administration execution. The primary explanation of actualizing this engineering is on the grounds that with this, the heap can be equitably disseminated so that there is no heap on a solitary server and furthermore it helps in scaling of the cloud administrations (Almorsy, Grundy Mller, 2016). Versatile Disk Provisioning Architecture: It is kind of engineering where it helps in giving a unique stockpiling provisioning framework which encourages the cloud clients to be charged for the specific measure of capacity that the individual uses and not for the entire part (Othman, Madani Khan, 2014). The principle motivation to consider this design as then SoftArc should pay for the sum stockpiling they are utilizing and not for the entire which will be cost productive. Excess Storage Architecture: It is a kind of cloud engineering where a copy optional capacity is presented which fills in as a failover framework and aides in synchronizing the information that is as of now introduced in the distributed storage gadget (Othman, Madani Khan, 2014). The principle purpose for to consider this is it will make a reinforcement and spare the information somewhere else and after that it very well may be blended later on with the essential one. Advantages and Issues related with these structures Repetitive Storage Architecture Advantages: It is having high accessibility when it goes ahead distributed storage. It likewise helps in giving elevated level insurance. With the assistance of this, a reinforcement is produced naturally which at that point converges with the essential one a short time later. Issues: Redundant Cloud Storage gadgets are for the most part the subject for disappointment and this is brought about by some system availability issues or controller or some broad equipment disappointment or even the security breaks. Versatile Disk Provisioning Architecture Advantages: The primary bit of leeway of utilizing this cloud engineering is that the organization needs to pay for just the measure of distributed storage it is utilizing and not the rest (Rosado Bernardino, 2014). This usefulness helps the organization from the money related viewpoint as their expense to organization would be less. Issues: Problem with utilizing this engineering is that the organizations are given a restricted measure of capacity that they request. On the off chance that that capacity gets spent, they have to request additional capacity again for which they have to pay additional sum. Administration Load Balancing Architecture Advantages: The advantage of utilizing Cloud Load Balancing is that it is versatile and is a worldwide character. It helps the organization by dealing with a wide range of traffic spikes without bargaining the presentation. This is finished by putting a cloud load balancer which helps in auto scaling so meet the necessities. Issues: There are numerous issues that should be thought of while executing Cloud Load Balancer like Infrastructure as the primary motivation behind cloud load balancer is to disperse the traffic among all the servers in the foundation and without legitimate framework, messages won't get conveyed. Ties are likewise another issue since it is reliant on the framework and under ties; there are different sub parts like the BasicHttpBinding and NetTcpBinding (Sadiku, Musa Momoh, 2014). Dynamic Scalability Architecture Advantages: There are numerous advantages of utilizing this cloud engineering as these can screen and track runtime utilization with dynamic changes. It is likewise valuable as the hypervisor can be summoned with the assistance of progressively adaptable frameworks which thusly helps in evacuating virtual server occurrences (Alqahtanye et al., 2014). Issues: It can turn out to be extremely dull now and again and furthermore very tedious. When there are different solicitations, one of server will gets full stacked. Here the presentation is decreased with the expansion in servers. Asset Pooling Architecture Advantages: The advantage of utilizing this distributed storage engineering is that with this, it can help in putting away all the IT assets in a solitary spot. It is for the most part utilized for the interface with backend frameworks and projects so asset pool organization can be included (Sanaei et al., 2014). This is utilized to create occasions for IT assets. Issues: As all the frameworks stays synchronized so on the off chance that there is any specialized issue found inside the framework, at that point it turns out to be hard for the recovery of data from that devoted pool of assets. Crossover Cloud Strategy chances and relieving with the dangers Distinguishing the hazard Conceivable clarification Controlling the hazard IT compositional structure A cross breed distributed computing is an exceptionally mind boggling kind of distributed computing which fundamentally includes all types of cloud administrations like the open mists, private mists and in premises IT. To construct a cross breed distributed computing, it requires extraordinary ability as it must be secure starting with one end then onto the next end so the correspondence becomes secure else anybody can highjack in the center. The best way to control this hazard is that it the cloud based engineering needs to work by somebody who is very experienced and has obtained very aptitude in this field. Information Management Numerous organizations utilizes this stockpiling for computerization in the their server farms to course information to their levels yet for reasons unknown the information may loses all sense of direction in its manner and it very well may be very dangerous. Along these lines, it puts the companys information into a more serious hazard and much increasingly complex when information goes to some non-server farm goal. The main conceivable approach to alleviate these issues is to make a reinforcement for these information and all the courses ought to be caused secure with the goal that the organization to can keep a reputation of each datum and along these lines the information will be sheltered. System Visibility Cross breed distributed computing can make a few issues as through lost system perceivability. Without border, the danger of security penetrates increment. These are regularly powerless as these are outside the control of any business. This can be constrained by applying clear borders so that there probably won't be security penetrate. Likewise the organization should attempt to assume responsibility for their application as they would get assaulted and get ruined and this may hamper their entire framework. Data transmission and inactivity Access of distributed computing primarily works with the web association as without web availability, no work can be performed. Danger of inertness for the ongoing information streams and this can be very risky as this can meddle with companys own inward system. This can be evaded by making the web accessible and the organization ought to inquire as to whether they are offering rapid web availability or not on the grounds that to work with this, web network is extremely significant for an information correspondence and this guarantees un-intruded on information stream. General Information Security steps and controls Malware Protection: All the frameworks and servers ought to be introduced with hostile to malware guard instrument as this can help in from getting the framework from being fell or in any event, taking of any secret information. Filtering for malware over the association in each framework ought to be made necessary (Arora, Parashar Transforming, 2013). Malware can harm any framework and handicapped person the systems administration frameworks which will put an enormous budgetary weight over the organization. System Security: Protecting the systems administration framework from any sort of outside and inner assault. Dealing with the system border is extremely significant and all the systems ought to be observed well for any sort of unapproved get to (Kant Sharma, 2013). This ought to likewise attempt to screen any sort of pernicious substance and the system security conventions ought to be looked after carefully. Secure Configuration: Applying security patches to all the exist

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Foxtrots Pharmacy free essay sample

A paper on equivalent work at Foxtrots Pharmacy. A paper talking about the issue of equivalent work at Foxtrots Pharmacy. A business, Carlos, accepts he has been victimized and needs to record an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) guarantee. The paper incorporates a short poll followed with the EEOC position paper. I have made the accompanying suggestion for settlement to Fox Trots. It has been validated that Fox Trots are disregarding segregation to its workers that are African-American, Native American, and Hispanics. My first suggestion is for Carlos. I prescribe that they consent to enlist Carlos as a drug specialist for a long time, if toward the finish of that time they feel that Carlos doesn't match prerequisites important to his position then they could release him. Be that as it may, in the event that he measures up to the position, at that point he ought to be kept on the compensation roll. I feel that Carlos ought to be taken care of pay from the time he previously applied to the present date. We will compose a custom exposition test on Foxtrots Pharmacy or then again any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page

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A Midsummer Nights Dream - A Feminist Perspective Essay

A Feminist Perspective of A Midsummer Nights Dream At age fifteen, my hormones went wild and I threw myself at every boy in the neighborhood. Although I didn’t go all the way, I offered as much flesh as I dared. If the suburbs can create such sexual angst, imagine the lust stirred by moonlight, fairies, and a warm midsummer night. In Shakespeares comedy A Midsummer Nights Dream, Helena represents the frenzy of young love when fueled by rejection and driven to masochistic extremes. As the lovers sink deeper into the fantasy world of starlit woods, the Greek virtue of moderation disappears. Emotions intensify to a melodramatic pitch. Helena, in particular, plunges to a primitive and desperate level of passion.†¦show more content†¦The anquish of unreturned love seems worse than a physical blow. With self esteem shattered, Helena will accept any affirmation of her existence in the shadow of vibrant Hermia. Lynn Chancer explains the psychological dynamic: the masochist keeps searching, hoping, pursuing, looking outward toward the sadist for the approval and recognition she or he would dearly love to feel from within (Chancer 66). Without a strong ego, Helena accepts any response from Demetrius and clings to his expressed hatred. Helena cries, Use me but as your Spaniel, spurn me, strike me,/ Neglect me, lose me; only give me leave,/ Unworthy as I am, to follow you (II. i. 205-6). Helena offers herself as household pet and whipping post. She exchanges dignity for the chance to trot after Demetrius like an eager puppy. Her proposal comes strikingly close to modern sado-masochistic pornography. Sexologist G.W. Levi Kamel describes the SM game of kennel discipline with submissives licking the masters boots, being led around on a leash, wearing a dog collar, and even being forced to eat from a dog bowl ... (Kamel 165). Already reduced to chasing her loved one through the forest, Helenas romantic aspirations become distorted: What worser place can I beg in your love  ­/ And yet a place of high respect with me  ­/ Than to be usà ©d as you use your dog? (II. i. 208-210). Helenas desire to be a domesticated animal contrasts with Bottoms transformation into an ass. AlthoughShow MoreRelated A Midsummer Night’s Dream - The Feminist Subtext Essay1905 Words   |  8 PagesThe Feminist Subtext of A Midsummer Nights Dream    Shakespeares works have persistently influenced humanity for the past four hundred years. Quotations from his plays are used in many other works of literature and some common phrases have even become integrated into the English language. Most high schoolers have been unsuccessful in avoidance of him and college students are rarely afforded the luxury of choice when it comes to studying the bard. Many aspects of Shakespeares works have beenRead MoreMeg 1,2,3,4 Ignou1582 Words   |  7 Pages MBG.O2: BRITISH DRAMA ASSIGNMENT (Based on Blocks 1-9) Programme Code: MEG Assignment Code: MEG-02/TMN20L2-2013 Maximum Marks: 100 1. 2. 3. Discuss Dr. Faustu,s as a tragedy (10) (10) (10) (10) (10) (10) (10) (10) In what ways is A Midsummer Nights Dream a Shakespeareancomedy? Comment on the role of the ghost in Hamlet. 4. Would you consider Alchemist an allegory? 5. Write down the plot of the Playboy. 6. How is Pygmalion a Shavian play? 7. Comment on the uniqueness of Murder in the CathedralRead MoreThe Theme Of Homo Eroticism Within The Play As You Like It And How It Differs From Various Other3688 Words   |  15 Pagesbuilds both upon feminist challenges to the idea that gender is part of the essential self and upon gay/lesbian studies close examination of the socially acknowledged nature of sexual acts and identities. Whereas gay/lesbian studies focused its inquiries into natural and unnatural behaviour with respect to homosexual behaviour, queer theory expands its focus to encompass any kind of sexual activity or identity that falls into normative and deviant categories. Italian feminist and film theoristRead MoreGender Roles in Shakespeare1834 Words   |  8 Pagesof gender in Renaissance drama are tied to their original presentation: bearing the traces of their history in a theatrical enterprise which completely excluded women, (these texts) construct gender from a relentlessly androcentric perspective (Helms 196). It is the ways in which these texts reflect or distort the gender expectations of society, either Elizabethan or contemporary, that is so important. Comedy that centers on the relationship between conventional couples ratherRead MoreGender Stereotypes in Othello Essay2033 Words   |  9 Pagesresults in the betrayal and downfall of many of the characters. The inclusion of such a destructive ending is Shakespeare’s dissatisfaction with the cruel and deceptive nature of societal gender stereotypes and the outcomes that they can have. The perspective of dominance as an idealistic trait for men is also instilled in Othello. His dominance displays a possessive nature, as he tends to objectify and idealize Desdemona. As he struggles to cope with the idea that his perfect wife may be committingRead More Gender Roles in Shakespeare Essay1760 Words   |  8 Pagesof gender in Renaissance drama are tied to their original presentation: quot;bearing the traces of their history in a theatrical enterprise which completely excluded women, (these texts) construct gender from a relentlessly androcentric perspectivequot; (Helms 196). It is the ways in which these texts reflect or distort the gender expectations of society, either Elizabethan or contemporary, that is so important. Comedy that centers on the relationship between conventional couples rather

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Fraud A Civil Wrong And A Criminal Wrong - 2141 Words

What is a Fraud? A fraud is when one party deceives or takes unfair advantage of another. A fraud includes any act, omission, or concealment, involving a breach of legal or equitable duty or trust, which results in disadvantage or injury to another. In a court of law it is necessary to prove that a false representation was made as a statement of fact that was made with the intent to deceive and to induce the other party to act upon it. It must be proven that the person who has been defrauded suffered an injury or damage from the act. Fraud is considered a civil wrong and a criminal wrong. A civil wrong is when one person commits a wrongful act on another person that harms them physically, financially, or mentally. Criminal wrong is†¦show more content†¦The second issue in my financial fraud paper is issue on the need to strengthen fraud security measures. This is important because of the new regulations such as the SOX or Dodd Frank act people are finding new ways to pull off financial frauds on new unexpected victims. The third financial issue that I have found is the increase in financial frauds against the elderly. Financial fraud is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. Determining what fraud is becoming more prevalent can usually be determined on how the market is or what’s going on in society. One specific case that I found from American Banker website is that phone banking scams has risen thirty percent even after all the new regulations that are in place. The reason for this can be because over the phone people can be anonymous therefore they believe that the likelihood of them getting caught even if the scam gets flagged is low. . Bank fraud has been around for decades but what differs in todays banking fraud is the rise in phone scams in the banking field. In today’s society business and everyday banking needs are being taken care of either over the phone with call centers or with the use of an app. This leaves vulnerability for scams to happen because the employees of the call centers are not fraud experts so they cannot tell when they are being swindled. Using this issueShow MoreRelatedBankruptcy Fraud And Its Effects On The Lower Income Brackets1674 Words   |  7 Pagesas well by using bankruptcy fraud. The average white collar worker has more resources and power to deprive people, especially when it comes to the basic necessities in life. The basic need of having good credit is the dream everyone wants in order to be financially strong. Since the use of bankruptcy fraud has become notorious in today’s society, gaining proper knowledge with regards to the effects and penalties of the crime helps build awareness and deter criminals from victimizing innocent peopleRead MoreThe Ethics Of Health Care Ethics1407 Words   |  6 Pagesword â€Å"Ethics.† Ethics refers to well-founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues. Ethics is when one knows what is normal between what is right or wrong. For a well-mannered individual, it is easy to think first before you act on something. It is for us to know what our rights are and whether it is right, or wrong, to do or not. We should be responsible of our actions or behaviorRead MoreLaw As An Academic Discipline And Its Different Branches1367 Words   |  6 Pagessystem and uses it as a primary social mediator between people. The field of law encompasses a broad range of academic disciplines including but not limited to criminal law, education law, employment and labor law, international law, civil rights, etc. 2. Explain the relation towards crime The field of law that relates to crime is the Criminal law or penal law. It regulates social conduct and proscribes whatever is threatening, harmful, or endangering to the property, health, safety, and moral welfareRead MoreHow to Incorporate the Fraud Triangle Theory797 Words   |  4 PagesThe term of â€Å"fraud triangle† was developed by Dr. Donald Cressey, a criminologist who studied embezzlers. The three basic elements of fraud triangle include perceived pressure, perceived opportunity, and the ability to rationalize. It explains the nature of many fraud offenders and also become a tool to assess the risk of fraud. It is important to companies to incorporate the fraud triangle theory in order to reduce the risk of fraud within their organization. From my standpoint, companies shouldRead MoreJustice Systems in Egypt and in the United States Essay680 Words   |  3 PagesVI. Components of Justice System in Egypt VII. Crimes A. United States B. Egypt VIII. Notes IX. References Abstract Justice System in Egypt and the United States are similar in many ways. Egypt Justice System bases its criminal code on British, Napoleon, and Italian models. There are three main categories of crime in Egypt law; they are minor offenses, misdemeanors and felonies. Egypt law requires that a detained person be brought before a magistrate with 48 hours orRead MoreEssay about Texas Gulf Sulphur Case Study690 Words   |  3 PagesGulf Sulphur violate civil or criminal law by breaching a Fiduciary duty or engaging in insider trading: Drake: A geologist and junior member of the exploration group who was authorized with confidential information. Although Stephens made it clear that the information about the Canadian Shield should be kept within the selected group of employees, Drake desecrated a Civil Law, the SecurityRead MoreFraud : A Broad Spectrum Of Individuals At Any Time1238 Words   |  5 PagesFraud can affect a broad spectrum of individuals at any time. Companies and consumers are losing billions of dollars every year. The effects of such deceptions can way heavily on companies and consumers. Fraud can be committed in many different ways. It can range from employee embezzlement to email scams. With increasing frequency, fraud continues to occur. No matter what the news reports, without proper controls; fraud will still occur. Proper controls and training need to be put in place at companiesRead MoreCriminal Law : Criminal Offenses And The Public989 Words   |  4 PagesCriminal Law: Criminal Offenses and the Public Americans commit a variety of criminal acts year after year. These criminal acts are defined differently from state to state. Criminal offenses have been put into two categories, state criminal offenses and federal criminal offenses (Criminal Law Process). Criminal offenses are punishable by a set of rules and regulations, which are also known as criminal laws. Criminal Law According to Melvin 2011, criminal law defines the boundaries of behavior andRead MoreWhistleblowing And Sarbanes Oxley Act945 Words   |  4 Pagesappointment of Ms. Freier as the new marketing and investor relations director. Meanwhile, the founder of Vertical, Graham had been involved in a civil security fraud case that he was negotiating with the S.E.C (Morgenson, 2014). It was a case of his brokerage firm (VCAP) that liquidated five collateral debt obligations in 2012. A case believed to be a fraud as it had confidential information that gave it an unfair advantage over the other bidders. One of the investors wrote a letter to S.E.C seekingRead MoreThe Problem Facing The Small Manufacturing1569 Words   |  7 PagesOne of the ways to prevent fraud in any organization is to eliminate opportunities for fraud. This is done through a â€Å"good system of internal controls, discourage collusion, have a whistle-blowing system in place, create an expectation of punishment, and engage in proactive fraud auditing† (Albrecht, Albrecht, Albrecht and Zimbleman, p 105). In this case, the main problem facing the small manufacturing is the fact that there is no effective internal control system. The internal control system is

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The Problem of Elitism in Schools and the Workplace

Elitism is the belief in â€Å"concept of superiority: the belief that some people or things are inherently superior to others and deserve preeminence, preferential treatment, or higher rewards because of their superiority.† Academic elitism refers to the idea that in highly competitive academic environments only those individuals who are involved in scholarship are regarded as having worthwhile actions and ideas. Academic elitism proposes that those individuals who do not engage in such acts of scholarship are unimportant. Although, it is possible to value academia and scholarship without being an elitist, the elitist ideal is becoming more and more prevalent in both academic and non-academic sectors. This tendency toward academic elitism is†¦show more content†¦When children who are have higher test scores, â€Å"smart† siblings or just happen to be zoned for a gifted school are placed separate from students who may be less intelligent, can’t test well , or just don’t live in the right neighborhood; and subsequently are removed from the same social and educational circles, elitism is created. Those other students are being rewarded on the basis of being perceived as better. In order to cultivate the intelligence of a few, many are left behind and that is where the academic elitism starts. Other measures that make clear the system’s elitist orientation include the Specialized High School system in which selected top performing schools that are geared toward the academically and artistically gifted, enjoy greater financial and curricular sovereignty, which translates into the school-based development which heightens the prestige of the schools and their students; this family like structure allows for well-established secondary schools like Stuyvesant and junior colleges to provide preferential admission based upon test scores that have more to do with test-prep than natural ability. This is effectively making it more difficult for students from mainstream schools to gain a place of study; and easier for the elite to move forward. â€Å"New York City brags to the world about its excellences†¦..but about one rare treasure, a set ofShow MoreRelatedThe Basic Concepts Of Marxism1460 Words   |  6 Pagescrisis in 2008, the US government had to use taxpayer money in order to bail out big banks and corporations to prevent an economic collapse, despite these large companies chose to gamble at such risks. Many Americans were dissatisfied with financial elitism that governed the American society through economic influences. Karl Marx’s Class antagonism still exists in the present day, but in a different form and scale from antagonism Marx described during his time. Having mentioned Occupy Wall Street, aRead MoreAgeism : An Underestimated Type Of Discrimination1609 Words   |  7 PagesAgeism: An Underestimated Type of Discrimination When the suffix â€Å"-ism† comes to mind, one typically thinks of the more common forms of discrimination throughout society today: racism, sexism, elitism, ableism, ethnocentrism, classism... the list could continue. Ageism, coined by Robert Butler in 1969, however, is one of the many forms of â€Å"isms† that may not be immediately conjured up, or even considered a threat to society at all. It is a fact of life that all living organisms age. I will, you willRead MoreAnalysis Of Keller s The Gospel And Work 1893 Words   |  8 Pagesto address these problems and identify what is the cause and what is the solution. Keller explains the importance of understanding this information because people personally live out their views in their daily lives and work. He points out that the gospel makes our worldview fundamentally different from others in that the gospel understands the nature, problem, and salvation of humankind as a fundamentally relational problem. There is no thing of the world that causes our problems as others may argueRead MoreAffirmative Action Is An Action Or Policy? Essay1774 Words   |  8 Pagessomeone who fought to build a country without prejudice. He organized one of the first civil rights boycotts known in history, and led a massive protest that caught attention from all around the world. Also their faith in human reason to solve social problems, known as rationalism, explain why they feel the need to take these actions in the first place to solve these issues. It also explains why they have faith in the people running our country to step in and take these actions. Education and a good careerRead MoreEssay on Paideia and Modern Educational Policy3842 Words   |  16 Pagesencounter needed to educate students capable of interacting meaningfully in their social and political world. The use of the standard to teach and to measure students carries the authority of the technical and reinforces the stereotype of intellectual elitism. To bring balance to this conflict and create an apolitical design requires attention to the meditative role of the teacher and the nature of learning. There was a fundamental tension embedded in the earliest appropriation of the Greek paideiaRead MoreAnalysis Of Akiko s Developmental Stages And Processes2426 Words   |  10 PagesThe manager is being directive, rather than interactive, rather than interactive, more Ritualism than Ritualization. Ethos Processes: C. Principle of Social Order: Current of Education Tradition She started working at age16 as a part-time after school. Until she left for the U.S, at age 26, she has enculturated to work powerfully. In Japan, coworkers share feelings to improve the weakness together because they consider belonging to a group. On contrast, Americans are individual based; they hideRead MoreEssay on Public vs. Private Education3636 Words   |  15 Pagespublic and private schools. Aspects of equality and achievement in private and public education will be dissected and evaluated. Observations I have evaluated and examined both public and private education instittutional systems. Public Education Public schools are in crisis, and not because of any shortages of public funds (more money is spent on public education than ever before, but with declining results). Many people like to think the problem with our schools is precisely that theyRead MoreBarriers to Intercultural Communication2897 Words   |  12 Pagesemotions hidden, exhibiting or sharing only the rational or factual aspects of the situation. All of these differences tend to lead to communication problems. If the people involved are not aware of the potential for such problems, they are even more likely to fall victim to them, although it takes more than awareness to overcome these problems and communicate effectively across cultures. Culture is the core concept in diversity. Culture is defined as learned patterns of perceptions, values andRead MoreMahfuz7742 Words   |  31 PagesWestern Electric’s Hawthorne plant in Cicero, Illinois, began in 1924 and ran through 1932; eventually they involved other factories and other companies. The analysis was largely done at Harvard Business School, including outposts such as its Fatigue Lab. (If tired workers were the problem, how to design operations to lessen exhaustion but still achieve maximum output?) The Hawthorne studies were easily the most important social science research ever done on industry. The project is worth unpackingRead MoreYoung People Essay14812 Words   |  60 Pages Childline. 2. Equality, inclusion and anti-discriminatory practice show how you include people and act fairly During and activity in the gym young people disagreed on the activity and it became a little heated. Therefore to solve this problem I asked the young people what they wanted to do. Not all young people asked for the same activity so I offered to split session in two and do one activity for half the session and another activity for the other half. This made sure that all young

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Martha Graham free essay sample

Yes, I would do that. I had found my fate. †(Hari 70) Daoud Hari is a man that travels in and out of Darfur many, many times putting himself at risk. He was willing to risk his own life while many others think only of themselves. Bravery is not something many people are born with. Some people may obtain it and some do not. Martha Graham is one of the people that did obtain bravery, and it was a very strong bravery that is very rare to find. â€Å"Martha Graham’s dancing and choreography exposed the depths of human emotion through movements that were sharp, angular, jagged, and direct. (â€Å"Martha Graham Dancer’s Journal†) Martha Graham experimented with many different movements and many different ways so her dancing was very different from the dance movement people were most comfortable with. Many people criticized her and told her that her work was too out of the ordinary. â€Å"If Graham ever gave birth,† one critic equipped, â€Å"it would be to a cube. † (â€Å"The Dancer†) No matter what critics said, she kept going. Martha Graham was an innovative and focused individual. Her love of dance was so intense she refused to leave the stage when critic’s said she was too old.That’s the type of bravery people need, the bravery to keep doing something that one believes in when the majority is against them. Daoud Hari’s bravery is similar to Martha Graham’s. Daoud Hari had to learn to accept what might happen to him if he kept returning to Darfur. Sometimes it is difficult to accept the fate, but Daoud Hari was willing to accept the possibility of death if it meant he could change the way people viewed Darfur. â€Å"No single group held the territory. There was no one to call for permission to come through. This is when it is most dangerous to travel. † (Hari 122) Daoud Hari always had to get where he needed to be.No matter what the circumstances were at the time, he provided as much information as possible to the reporters traveling with him to get the word out about Darfur. Armed with his ability to speak Zaghawa, Arabic, and English he was able to translate for the news and aid organizations. Even though the government of Sudan had outlawed journalists to the region, Daoud Hari risked the possibility of capture and even death. This is complete bravery- to accept something that could happen any moment of any day at any time. Heroes need to have trust in themselves. Martha Graham always had trust in herself no matter what she did.Most of her works she created were based on a historical or emotional feeling. â€Å"There are always ancestral footsteps behind me, pushing me, when I am creating a new dance, and gestures are flowing through me. Whether good or bad, they are ancestral. † (Yaari) The dances with a historic background behind them were called the Greek cycle. These dances were the ones that officially made her famous. The movements in them were so empowering people were shocked after experiencing them. The reason people liked them was because they related so much to how harsh history had been to society in the past and how it might be in the future.Serious issues such as the Great Depression and the Spanish Civil War were brought to the stage along with the dark emotions experienced by all. If she had never followed her brain, heart, or spirit then none of these dances would have come alive. Trusting in herself was a key factor in the making of many of her works. Martha Graham, much like Daoud Hari, had to find a way to believe in herself and take dance to the next level whether based on her gut feeling or her spirit regardless of what people thought of her. Daoud Hari always followed his gut.Whenever he saw people in pain, he would trust his gut and try and help the people in need no matter who they were or what they believed in. â€Å"The commander ordered a soldier to go get him some food, but I said that he must not eat our kind of food, that someone must go into town and get him an American-style sandwich that a white man could eat, and a coke or Pepsi. There was an argument about the cost of this, but I assured the commander that our food would kill this man, and I truly believed that he was not strong enough for anything but his own food. (Hari 160) Daoud Hari is one of the few in the world that could actually tell a guard to go get another prisoner food because the prisoner looked like he was about to die. Trusting his gut that the guard would do it is about 99% of the battle that he had to face. It was not getting the prisoners food; it was standing up to the guard and saying that he will die if he does not have an American- s tyle meal. Martha Graham and Daoud Hari are both heroes in their own way. They both have confidence, bravery, and trust in themselves, which are the necessary traits that a hero needs to be a true hero.In the world there are people who see bad things being done to people and do not do anything about it and there are people who do something about the bad things being done. This is essential because Daoud Hari and Martha Graham both helped the people that needed to be helped. Martha Graham helped dancers develop a new style that they might like better than ballet, providing a wider spectrum to choose from. Daoud Hari helped numerous news reporters get into Darfur and get back out safely with what they wanted and what they needed to know about what is happening in Darfur.